Born in Germany in the 1970s within three years of each other to Lutheran missionary parents of Hungarian descent, the three Rockland brothers Shane, Vince, and Hal were gay porn sensations of the late 1990s. All three self-identified as straight though Vince, the middle brother, once teased that he might be "bi," qualifying the claim by stating that he thought it might sound nicer to his fans. The youngest brother, Hal, created an uproar in 1998 when he retired from porn, in the midst of a "spiritual crisis," while still on the set of Three Brothers, as far as I know the only video the brothers made together (though, I hasten to add, with no brother-on-brother fucking). The smallest (5'9", 170#) of the three and the most prodigious, Vince also performed in homoerotic wrestling videos at BG Enterprise and Can-Am, my favorite being BG's Fantasy Fight 16 (1998), pitting him against Chris Rock.

What stands out for me in this match is the lack of inhibitions in both wrestlers in a loser-gets-fucked battle that predates Naked Kombat by a decade. Both fight dirty--ball-jangling, face-sitting fun--and Vince further humiliates Chris by farting on him at one point. The rank adolescence of such an assault is no small part of its appeal. Though seriously out-muscled, Chris brings enough energy and raucous enthusiasm to the fight to keep things even, give and take. But Vince is the one who holds my attention. With his heavy-lidded eyes and mop of jet black hair, Vince personified my fantasy of a randy, roughneck gypsy boy who does everything outside the usual limits (BG East's Gil Barrios subsequently took over that role in my daydreams). 

Fantasy Fight 16 exhibits the chaos and unpredictability--integral to boyish energy (or my nostalgia for the same)--so often missing in underground gay wrestling. It's one of my most prized and revisited disks in my collection.


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