Missouri Wrestling Revival is taking your votes for the Sexiest Male in Wrestling until Valentine's Day. The current favorite is 22-year-old Midwestern indy wrestler and Pro Wrestling Illustrated's rookie of the year 2011 Ace Hawkins, 5'8", 175#. Watch MWR's nominees video and vote here. (Yet another sign that even the straight promotions are ready to acknowledge the erotic heat of pro wrestling.)


  1. Where'd my comment disappear to?

    In short, I think that their entire roster must be nominated. Out of 45 only 13-15 are in the running for sexiest. Ace makes that cut, but I don't see him as #1. The top 5 are pretty much neck and neck and would be hard to decide.

    The only one I've seen in action on video is TJ Perkins. He's sexy in action as well as in stills.

  2. My nominees list (in alphabetical order):

    Ace Hawkins, Adam Pearce*, Bradley Charles, Brian Gott, Dan Walsh, Elvis Aliaga*, Heath Hatton, Joey O'Rielly, Mark Sterlng, Mike Sydal, Ryan Slade, Shane Rich*, TJ Perkins, Tyler Cook.

    The top echelon is : Dan Walsh, Joey O'Rielly, Mike Sydal, Ryan Slade, TJ Perkins, Tyler Cook. Ranking these guys, especially without having seen them in action, is beyond me. Just based on the image shown in the video, I'd go for O'Rielly as the sexiest.

    *Shown clothed, which maks comparison harder.

  3. After Googling some images, I'd move Shane Rich into the top echelon of sexy.


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