It Sounds Like a Heel Name to Me

After OVW unceremoniously dumped him last spring, Daniel Pruce has been a hunk without a home. No more! Now the 5'11", 238# Austrian rookie graces the roster of LDN Wrestling ... as "Erich von Strauss"! Erich made his first appearance for LDN last June as a foreign menace against homegrown babyface Alan Lee Travis. This year he's on the team.


  1. Awesome! What a transformation!

  2. If you can find his matches on the web when he premieres, give us links, please!

    I recall posts about him at neverland and thought he was hot, but I agree with bruno, he's come a long way, babe!

  3. Considering how hot Daniel looked in the previous post, it seems like he was born with the genetic material of a young god anyway ... I think I may prefer the previous look more. The guys who have The Look to begin with will always have a leg up in this, or any other, business IMHO, and Pruce has it in spades...


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