Making Short Work

Congratulations to Rockstar Spud for earning a spot on the TNA roster last month. At 5'3", 130#, Spud may be, as billed, the smallest man in UK wrestling. He has been wrestling since he was a teenager, comically selling other wrestlers' domination of him, while demonstrating his own ring skills and simultaneously flaunting and mocking his flashy charisma. In this match from last June's Preston City Wrestling Guild Wars show, he struts in to "Livin' on a Prayer," intentionally fumbles his "suave" swagger, and welcomes the fans' adoration with what may be the longest outstretched-arms pose in wrestling history. In a nonstop-action match, he holds his own against Martin Kirby, 5'11", 180#--I'm a fan of his, too. Unsurpisingly, TNA's website does not mention Spud's status as "the Baby Jesus of Wrestling"--if prizes were awarded for epithets, this one would get my vote--but refers to him as "the biggest underdog of them all." Wish I could make it to tonight's TNA show in Fayetteville, but, alas, I've got homework to grade and only today to do it.


  1. I first saw Spud featured in Bruno's blog, looked up some of the videos. He has a number of eras through his career. He's an exciting performer in all, but in some he's less interesting.

    I hope this is a photo artifact, but it looks like he might of gained some pudge. Not good on his frame. He started out very skinny, but put on muscle mass. I hope he hasn't gone past his peak!

    I also hope that his new contract prospers. TNA treats Brits well.

  2. Your headline on the post is great!!!
    (though a lot of your writing is excellent, Joe, I found this head to be even more witty)

    … and no problem here if the Rockstar has a bit extra ‘pudge’ IMHO … it will be even hotter to watch his gut heave in and out when he’s being punished by a bigger heel…


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