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Some (rather poor) screen shots of a fun match from July 2012 for Resistance Pro Wrestling. Pretty GQ model type Ashton Vuitton takes cheap shots at hot Easyriders biker type John Skyler and gets a hand (often called illegal interference) from his pals at ringside. The fight offers an exciting contrast in styles--body beautiful against thick-waisted roughneck--organization man versus loner--with the prettier one taking the win by submission, no less (thanks to the distractions provided by his cronies, of course, but still impressive ring work by Vuitton). Even the ways Ashton and John disrobe in the ring reveal differences in personality and values--a contrast too striking to be accidental, yet not too studied or too obvious.

Ashton's body gets hotter and hotter the more weight he gains, and he doesn't seem to be losing much of his gymnast's agility in the process. His character has become a full-fledged psychological creature, just sociopathic enough to be bad, but with that scary-sexy allure some sociopaths are said to possess. From one match to the next, I can't tell whether AV is moving towards the light or the dark side. He keeps the fans on their toes. I'd like to see his star rise even further in the wrestling world. Some contests in Japan would help him. Anyway, I sure would like to see him work at New Japan Pro for a while.

I just got this wrestling DVD (Fair Warning, with John Hennigan on the cover), and it's definitely a keeper. More and more, I think Chicago may be the place to be for exciting catch wrestling these days.


  1. According to to the IWDB, Ashton won three matches in a row between June and September 2012, Samurai Del Sol, Serenity (inter-gender) and Skyler. Skyler and Ashton tagged together once, successfully.

    I couldn't find any videos of any of these matches.

    Vuitton is very hot. It'd be interesting to see him team with and/or wrestle against Cameron Matthews. They have a similar look and vibe.


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