Ethan Andrews is starting 2013 with a barrage of video matches from a number of different wrestling outlets. Not only does he square off for the third time against hot Brit grappler Will Stanley at Rock Hard Wrestling (as pictured above), but you can also see him, under various monikers, at BG East in a hair vs hair match against Lon Dumont (HairStakes 1, which Bard at neverland calls "hilarious and incredibly sexy"), a brand new match against newcomer Damien at UCW (Match 258), and a boxing showdown against Joey Cantrell (Match 16) at his own brainchild, Freestyle Combat League--not to mention older bouts at all these sites plus Movimus Wrestling's archives of no-holds-barred submission matches of the past. The year 2013 may be remembered as Ethan Andrews' year, the way '12 belonged to Eli Black and '11 belonged to Austin Cooper and Jake Jenkins.

Andrews-versus-Stanley is not only a rematch (the two have competed against each other in a two-on-one match and a tag-team match previously), it marks the first of Rock Hard's fine new high-definition downloads. No word yet whether this and subsequent matches may be available on Blu Ray someday soon, but I can speak for the download version, which looks, as promised, stunning even on my ancient slow-loading laptop (five years old, but that's fifty years in MacBook years).

The match itself is superb. Both Ethan and Will are in tiptop shape and absolutely committed to demolishing each other in a fight that goes the distance for three grueling rounds, decisively concluding with a total knockout. It's a good representation of the high quality ringwork we are coming to expect of Rock Hard product, and the brand new hi-def camerawork guarantees we hear every grunt and whimper and see every raised hackle, every roseate welt, and every bead of sweat.


  1. I hope that Will won. Too often Ethan gets the most improbable victories and I'm getting tired of it.


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