The Rack

Print this post. Fasten the photos together on the left. Strum the right edges with your thumb rapidly, and you've made your own flip book of twenty of the goldenest seconds in professional wrestling. Or you can watch it here on YouTube, beginning at the 7:00 mark.

Rick Rude and Steve Simpson, "a couple of guys the gals like to look at," as the announcer so inadequately puts it, were two of my favorite human beings of the 1980s. Rick, 29, 6'3", 250#, was the WCCW world champion on March 21st, 1986, arrogance personified ... with a mullet and a hairy chest. Steve, 22, 5'11", 225#, was the relatively unknown smooth, mop-headed wunderkind from South Africa being fed to the champ like chum.

"Classic" may not be a big enough word for what this matchup is for me. But this, its high point, goes into my survival kit for when NASA shoots me into space.


  1. These were both men who lit my wick!

    The sad thing about Rude is that the promotion had him doing so much shtick that I didn't see him doing nearly enough wrestling.

    And I think that Simpson's career was too brief and he was underexposed in the time he had.


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