Angle #20: Double Header

The problem with Anthony Nese is he looks the same in all his photos. The good news is he looks astonishing. The guy has the product consistency of a Big Mac but the distinctive succulence of a Porterhouse steak, sizzling steam and blood. On March 15th, the wrestler fought a scheduled match against Pro Wrestling Syndicate trainee Matt Vides. Matt put up a tougher fight than expected for a fledgling, yet unsurprisingly Tony prevailed in the end. But that battle was no sooner over than in marched PWS head trainer Pat Buck in tropicalia green trunks, demanding a piece of Nese for himself, probably banking on Tony's exhaustion after the previous bout. To judge by Scott Finkelstein's photos (above), the two seasoned pros spared no effort to demolish each other. The action escalated to a knee-to-knee slugfest, climaxing with a skull-cracking piledriver, as Nese finished Buck with a spectacular heels-over-forehead pin, Pat's face smothered under Tony's crotch. It doesn't get much better than this.


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