Battle Britannia

Six shots by photographer Cassandra Golding capture the candy-colored chaos of Saturday's 4 Front Wrestling show in Chipping Sodbury. They make me wish I had been there. It looks like a night of British wrestling at its finest, with some of my favorite stars: Zack Sabre Jr, Jason Larusso, Eddie Ryan, Owen Phoenix, Kenny Omega, and Behnam Ali. (See 4FW's Facebook page here.)

Antonio DeLuca, Jack Dynamo, and Turkish Delight

Behnam Ali

Fujita "Jr" Hayato and Zack Sabre Jr

Jack Dynamo, Jason Larusso, Turkish Delight

Kenny Omega and Owen Phoenix

Sha Samuels and Eddie Ryan


  1. Guys are way hot. I don't recall whether I said in this blog or another, but I have remarked that sometimes a promotion (and which ones changes over time) has a surfeit of beefcake. 4 Front seems to be having a heat wave.


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