In Like a Lion

My favorite month, March, named for the Roman god of war, which later sees in the astrological sign of Aries, named for the Greek god of war. Typically a gusty month, March where I live consists of fluctuations between ice and sunshine, almost as if that old heel Winter is refusing to go down without a fight. It's my favorite month because it's a month of change and renewal--until the mid-eighteenth century, with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, England celebrated March 25th as the first day of the new year. That's also my birthday, and this year I turn 60, in my mind the cusp of middle age and old age.

My own warlike nature has always consisted mostly of stubbornness--and a love of argument, and, in my young days, a readiness for roughhouse. In every other respect I am quiet, retiring, easygoing, peaceable.  With age I'm becoming downright docile. But I do love a good fight. This blog serves as a means for exploring my particular kink--because fighting and wrestling carry a definite homoerotic punch for me (and for many of you readers, too, I hear). It's not exactly sadomasochism with me, but s/m perhaps is the category to which it best fits. Pain in and of itself, blood, bondage, and most of the theatrical props of s/m do almost nothing for me (my loss, as I see it, since I'd be happiest if everything in the world gave me wood). In wrestling, I like the manly aggression, the body contact, the drama of a man testing his limits against another man. 

Today is Davey Richards' birthday--he turns 30! For almost a full year (2011-2012) he was the Ring of Honor world champion. Twice he's held the tag-team championship, first with Rocky Romero and then with Eddie Edwards, as the American Wolves. Other notable birthdays this month are Justin Gabriel, Val Venis, Nikita Koloff, Rick Steiner, KENTA, The Iron Sheik, Kid Leopard, Rick Martel, Sting, Christopher Daniels, The Undertaker, Mike Mondo, Curt Hennig, Ronnie Garvin, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts, all in all a good time of year for heels, I'd say.


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