Rising Waters

Rock Hard Wrestling has, on its own, introduced easily half the new wrestlers that have turned the underground fight world on its ear in the last forty months. Alex Waters, 5'8", 165#, is prepared to make a splash, too, and to judge from his debut against the sensational Brodie Fisher, 5'8", 170#, we're all about to get good and wet.

The setup is a typical territorial dispute. Brodie thinks the RHW ring is all his own, and he doesn't think much of his new opponent's physique (me, personally, I have no complaints, none). Closely matched in nearly every respect, Alex is not much older than his teen opponent and only a little lighter. He looks a bit like an amalgam of Austin Cooper (another great RHW find) and Cameron Mathews--definitely a dynamic mix. Despite a recent leg injury and his inexperience as a ring wrestler, Alex comes off as far more confident than we'd expect a raw recruit to be, thanks in part to some amateur experience and enough cocky attitude to choke a whole bleacher of Sigma Chi men.

From the get-go, Alex shows that he's not averse to taking a cheap shot if it gets him where he wants to go. Round 1 keeps Brodie busy just trying to stay on his feet. The rookie demonstrates that even his gimp leg can inflict a whole hell full of pain. Alex clearly relishes making his opponent suffer, and that kind of sadism can't be bought or taught. We have come to expect some fumbling and stalling from new ring talent, but this guy's a born heel, no reticence, no mercy. He's fast with the trash talk, and every yelp and moan out of Brodie only makes Alex's eyes gleam a little brighter.

Dazzling as Waters is, it's too soon to write off Fisher. Brodie has no inclination to give up his turf, and he'd be happy to walk away from this match with his huge fan base intact or, better yet, even huger. The battle lasts the full three rounds, each one more heated and riveting than the last. Brodie gives his fans something to cheer for in Round 2, as he hands Alex the pounding that the new guy's Round 1 assholery earned him. "No more of your cocky rookie bullshit!" Brodie warns him, after hanging the man off the turnbuckle and damn near choking him out in a scissors hold. 

Round 3 decides who is probably going to be living in whose shadow till Rock Hard comes up with its next new flavor. It's terrific give-and-take action from two sublimely confident ring performers. Brodie and Alex take an instant dislike to each other, and the chemistry is explosive. Too explosive for just one match, in my opinion, and I'm hoping that we see more of these two squaring off against each other in the coming year, either in singles competition or on rival teams. This kind of animosity is too rich to waste. There's still plenty these two punks have left to settle--and they're young enough and nasty enough to stretch the grudge out for years.

Thank you to Bob at Rock Hard Wrestling for the use of the photos above.


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