Most of this 2011 match looks like it was shot with a Fisher Price Pixelvision camera. So happens it was exactly what I was in the mood for: overdressed South African dudes who look like they smoke three packs a day and never darken the door of a gym, beating the chow mein out of one another. Now and then, good (blurry) action strikes a raw and jagged nerve, like here with the harshly lit figures glaring against colorless blank space. The Cape Town-based XWE fighters Alkatraz and Hybrid are ready to knock somebody out cold, maybe even themselves, and though I can't picture either one on the cover of Men's Fitness anytime soon, I do like the moves--corner mounts, slugs, chokes, cruel armbars. They rev me up. It's like Skinhead Night at Club Weegee. 


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