Friday, May 31, 2013

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CK Won

Harrison South Worth's thrilling photos of Sunday's Premiere Wrestling Xperience show in Charlotte, give us a few fast-freezed moments of Southern wrestling glory, featuring some of my favorite regional wrestlers: Jake Manning, Corey Hollis, Mr Elite, Cedric Alexander, and, in a wish-I-had-been-there main event (see above), PWX champ Caleb Konley, 6', 207#, defending his belt against the formidable Davey Richards, 5'8", 202#. Reportedly Konley won the suspenseful match using his patented "oh-face" submission (sounds like I made this up, but I swear I did not).

The first live wrestling show I went to (in 2011) featured Konley, and I bought a compilation video from him at the merch table. The DVD chronicles the first couple of years of the eight he's been a pro wrestler. He struck me then as a basically decent guy, soft-spoken, and unexpectedly hot--sort of like actor Michael Pitt on steroids, with hair by Joan Lunden's stylist. For years he was "The Obsession," a male model gimmick, predictably with heel overtones (yeah, I know, I'm a sucker for that, too), but in that first show, the video I bought, and the couple of other live shows I've seen him in, he's been a consistent high performer, a catch-style wrestler who's good at both winning over a crowd and turning it against him.

Recently he released a promo for DGUSA/Evolve, in which he apologizes to his fans, himself, everybody but God (though the video has the creepy stylings of evangelical kitsch) for his misspent youth and past associations with heel manager Larry Dallas, skeezy women, and underhanded (read: "killer") moves and holds. He rededicates himself to the principles of "hard work," to make up for the last couple of years' worth of spectacular opportunism and barely concealed sadism (for which I love him). Whether the "face turn" is genuine--or successful--remains to be seen. But I do think he's a talent whose best years are ahead. 

Get Him Off!

Exactly what I was looking for tonight: a long-haired heel taking on a baldy crowd favorite. It has the stuff that rings my bells: 
  • two foes with mile-long history, 
  • hair-pulling, 
  • strenuous two-counts, 
  • good guy rolling the bad guy back into the ring, 
  • corner kickings and clobberings, 
  • edge-of-your-seat give-and-take, 
  • an arrogant crowd-baiting heel, 
  • armbars, 
  • bodyslams, and 
  • a sudden victory, both contestants having exhausted each other, a win by illegal use of ropes and a nearsighted ref, who has to practically scrape the "winner" off the floor to raise his arm in victory. 
All this spells fun at my house!

This match from Saturday at Maximum Force Wrestling in Dunkirk, New York, features a very sympathetic "Sensational" Seth Allen, 6', 185#, grabbing a strong start against slimeball beach boy in pink, Ethan Wright, 6'2", 205#. Ethan evens the odds through sheer ferocity and (I might add) a nice stack of muscle. Both wrestlers hail from Ohio, where evidently they have dusted each other off many times before. Wright's swagger and predatory aggressiveness almost made me wet myself once or twice. I love coming across a new talent like this (and, yeah, I know what I just said).

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes You Outgrow Your Friends

Go here to see a great little match between two best friends, Tyler Cintron and Wayne DeWayne at New Revolution Wrestling. After spitting in his friend's face in the previous episode, DeWayne aims to break his heart (literally, apparently) in this fight from last Thursday. 

Houseflies have better memories than wrestlers and wrestling fans, because these same two guys fought tooth and nail over a year ago for UCW-Zero, apparently on none too friendly terms with each other even back then. I don't mind. I like the idea of best friends taking their spats to the squared circle to settle. I hope they patch things up between them so they can kick shit out of each other again next year.

It's interesting to note that the good guy in this match (crowd favorite Cintron) goes for the low blows ... twice: first, almost by accident, then pretty deliberately later. DeWayne doesn't exactly go by the rulebook either, but he gains a clean win in the end.

My My

Me, I find Ashton Vuitton's charms irresistible: the body, of course, and the arrogance, of course, but also his gymnast's grace and fashion model's stance. The total package pretty much demands that somebody attack him.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Picture of the Week

My computer went kaput on Sunday, so I'm gradually getting used to the refurbished used laptop I bought yesterday. I found this shot this morning on the Backbreakerz blog on Tumblr, but I haven't been able to find out much information about it via Google Image Search*. At first I thought the poor suffering underdog might be The Miz, then maybe Steven Walters, but my face recognition skills are (and always have been) weak (me and Brad Pitt, apparently), so my first guesses are almost always badly mistaken.  The look of concern on the faces of the fans to the right is touching, all the same.

* Mystery solved. Once again, Ringside readers out-google Google. See the comments below for both wrestlers' identities.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Be Kind Rewind

The best title ever for a memoir is Nostalgia Isn't What It Used to Be, by the chain-smoking star of French cinema Simone Signoret (1978). Beyond the jokiness of the title lies a truth: nostalgia is not about how it was, but about how we remember it. Old pop songs, old TV shows, old advertising jingles, old movies. Because nostalgia tends to make people less happy in (and with) the present, I try to avoid the trap of giving it too much of my time, but though it isn't good for me, nostalgia, like chili-kraut dogs and other health hazards, still has its good points.

Originally my wrestling fantasies came from life--guys I roughhoused with in high school and college--and from TV wrestling in the 1970s, which I watched in secret in my bedroom, guiltily as if I were watching porn, which (in my mind) I was. I didn't know I could buy wrestling kink (by US mail) until my thirties--first, as I remember, from Old Reliable and BG Enterprise (mostly the catalogs, since the tapes usually exceeded my budget as an educator), then Can-Am and BG East. I was mainly drawn to wrestlers who resembled people I knew in life--thus my nostalgia for the fantasies they produced channels my nostalgia for my actual past. BG East continues to produce matches that fire my imagination, but my feeling for the company begins with a few VHS tapes, now mostly replaced in my collection by DVDs. I don't miss VHS technology, but some of the wrestlers and matches I watched back then have fused with my memories of the real past; thus they too are part of my remembered history.

B.C.--Before Cameron, Before Cooper. Before Cartier and Charron and Cruise. Before even The Contract. Pre-DVD, pre-2000, these are the BGE wrestlers who, as best as I recall, helped shape my kink:

Nick Archer, Troy Baker (4th photo, above), Cody Collier, Mike Columbo (2nd photo), Cliff Conlin, Cruze, Wade Cutler, Max Dare, Dick the Prick (top photo), Patrick Donovan, Kurt Eriksen (5th photo), Andy Flyer, Joshua Goodman, Chip Grant, Jose, Phil Latini, Greg Leary, Kid Leopard (3rd photo), Shane McCall, Marky Mark Oxner, Sean Patrick (top photo), Brad Rochelle (4th photo), Mickey Rollins, Mark and Tony Romano, Steve Sherman, Steve Sterling (3rd photo), Tommy Tara, Dane Tarsen, Mikey Vee (2nd photo), Kid Vicious, and Bass Wallace (5th photo).

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.

Photos taken from The Arena @ BGEast: top to bottom, Dick the Prick versus Sean Patrick in X-Fights 22, Mikey Vee versus Mike Columbo in Fantasymen 15, Kid Leopard versus Steve Sterling in Hunkbash 1, Kid Vicious versus Patrick Donovan in Squared Circle 1, Brad Rochelle versus Troy Baker in Undagear 7, and Kurt Eriksen versus Bass Wallace in Matmen 2.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

You Wanna Play Crazy? ... Let's Get Nuts!

These days I'm a bit skeptical about UCW-Wrestling's "lost" series--matches purportedly pulled from the company's vaults after years of neglect. The latest [#281] features Quinn Harper versus a mysterious masked wrestler who goes by the name Max Pain. Since Quinn's UCW appearances stretch back only as far as last month, the more accurate label might be not "lost," but "temporarily mislaid." Previous "lost" matches have been highly specialized, often custom orders focused on a particular hold or style of gear requested by the customer. While previous numbers in the series have offered me moments of excitement and amusement, Quinn versus Max is quality wrestling entertainment from start to finish, quite possibly the closest UCW has come to ring-style catch wrestling, only without a ring, obviously.

The action is fast-paced and violent, without preface or formalities. Max introduces himself by driving a bare foot to Quinn's midsection, and the battle's on, simple as that. Quinn, hardly typical of the company's bevy of pretty boys, has proved himself a valuable addition to the roster--bringing an unmatched level of intensity and boldness to a company highly esteemed for its free and easy schoolboy sadism. His wrestling savvy and berserker ferocity add heat to every match, and Max matches him degree by degree, Fahrenheit. Quite unlike the sylphlike opponents Quinn has faced previously, Max has the rugged build of a lucha-libre wrestler--and the swagger of a seasoned ring veteran. 

This grunt-and-sweat fight gives me everything I ask of pro wrestling, except the ring: body slams, elbow drops, drop kicks, chokes, two-counts, figure-fours, reversals, crab holds, clutches, scissors, armbars, and (it goes without saying at UCW) nard-jangling low blows. (And for once we've got a competitor who repays Quinn for his "anal intruder" ploy in kind!) The sheer variety in tactics these two wrestlers demonstrate is exhilarating. They pack the full 35 minutes with bone-twisting, nerve-spasming moves. I found myself shouting, "More of that, yeah!" but no sooner reached the exclamation point than Max and Quinn had moved on to another jaw-dropping move. Nothing's "lost" on these guys. They know how to work each other ... and work me up. This is Skull Island-certified boner material and one of the great matches of UCW history! I want a "lost" rematch! I want more Pain! And nobody but nobody should wrestle in front of a camera again until they've watched and studied this fight.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Peter Kaasanova, aka Peter Kaasa, 5'6", 190#, is an indy wrestler out of Charleston, South Carolina. Besides a few Facebook details (he likes surfing and jujitsu, too) and his performances in quite a lot of matches on YouTube (you have your choice of long hair or short there), I mainly know about him through his personal website. You can watch several of the matches pictured above on video, for instance, Pete versus Jake "The Man Scout" Manning (fourth photo), Pete versus Chase Brown (fifth photo), and Pete and Davey Richards versus Stoney Hooker and Manning (sixth photo), all (I think) at Trans South Wrestling.


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