Hand-to-Hand Combat

Beyond Wrestling is a veritable laboratory of wrestling moves and gimmicks, and any pro wrestler worth his salt, whether strutting bigger than God on the WWE titantron or struggling before crowds of eight in a regional promotion, should be studying this company's output like it's Sun Tzu's frigging Art of War. The level of experimentation, sheer artistry, and innovation that are by now commonplace at Beyond Wrestling is outstanding. 

This incredible match (free in its entirety on YouTube) between Jonathan Gresham, 5'4", 161#, and Biff Busick, 6'1", 194#, proves my point. It's an odd pairing all right, but this is physical wrestling the way I like it: hand to hand, forehead to forehead, chest to chest, two brawny bodies twisted and rolling into a writhing knot, grunting, groaning, sweating, roaring. Of the two, Busick's more my type of wrestler, but there's no ignoring a powder-keg like Gresham. This is a very engaging give-and-take contest.


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