Little Man Complex

When rising star Frey, 5'9", 175#, steps in on one of Angel's matches at Thunder's Arena to save the little tough guy from a beating, he thinks he's being a hero. Angel, 5'5", 135#, sees things differently, of course, and accuses the dashing physique model of needlessly interfering. Frey in turn accuses Angel of having a "little man complex," and the fight is on in this sequel to the splendid Custom Video Series 06 (Angel versus Big Sexy, plus some--somebody please hire the customer who booked this custom match and soon!). (Frey vs Angel is currently available  only on Thunder's subscription site, Thunder TV.)

Surely one of the benefits of being like Angel, small and compact (and ballsy), would be to climb up on Frey's broad back, as he does in the second half of this match, and then stretch out on those shoulders, in the usually perilous position of the fireman's carry, and, aloft then, twist, yank, and squeeze the big guy till he hollers. Of course, as we see here, payback may be swift and severe, but it would be sooo worth it.

Thunder's Arena is on a roll these days, thanks in large part to Angel, one of the Arena's trainers, and the star power of Frey. After you have worn yourself out on Custom Video Series 06, you owe it to yourself to see this match for some of the most daring moves in Arena history!


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