Mikey Vee's debut at BG East marks the start of the company's golden age. For me personally, the Vee years are its golden epoch,  and Vee himself, the model of the ideal BGE wrestler, most definitely the model of the sexy heel. The matches of his early to middle period became my standard for homoerotic wrestling up to this day. (Sort of like the golden age of Hollywood or the golden age of television wrestling.)

Vee wore a leather jacket, a scar, and a black eye like nobody else. The buzzcut of later years made him look like a gladiator. I'm not as crazy about the later tattoos and MMA stylings, but, hey, if Mikey likes them, they're fine with me. And he carries them off.

He's tall (5'11"), dark, and handsome. He's cocky, smart, and tough. He's a great wrestler, and he became one right in front of our eyes. 

Mikey Vee in Matmen 6 
Vee lording it over Greg Leary in Fantasymen 12
In Fantasymen 13, impassively studying his handiwork, a flattened Christopher Bruce
In Matmen 12, squeezing Alan Shephard
In Fantasymen 17, laying claim to Brad Rochelle
In Hunkbash 6, with stiff competition from Del Harris
In Fantasymen 19, with Brick Burnett
In Tag Team Torture 2, making trouble for Troy Baker
In Demolition 5, tormenting Shon Tracy
In Ringwars 11, all over Paul O'Casey
In Gazebo Grapplers 5, glistening

In Gazebo Grapplers 8, versus Jaxx O'Doul
In Mat Hunks 8, choking out Denny Cartier
In Mat Scraps 1


  1. I believe he was on the first BG East video I ever bought. I stopped buying his vids when his look changed.

    1. I haven't seen a Vee I didn't like, and I think I've seen all the available makes. Which is not to say I don't have my favorites. For me, he was at his personal peak in Fantasymen 24, thick, mean, hair cut close to the scalp, against young Justin Pierce.


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