Born-Again Heel

In the soon-to-be-released Catalog 100, BG East dusts off some previously unreleased gems in Matmen 24: From the Vault. (There's a sneak peak in the Photo Galleries of The Arena @ BG East: 200+ full-color shots.) 

In the match that's most piqued my interest, Vee is anxious to reform his image from bad boy to fair and square straightshooter. Matt Reid, who has taken on such challengers as Bulldog Barzini and the Brooklyn Bodywrecker, seems skeptical about the "new leaf" Mikey has supposedly turned, as anybody would be. But perhaps the life of an MMA trainer has taught the Boston heel some respect for rules and clean fighting. 

It could happen.

We get a sweaty-slick and intense battle featuring two BGE powerhouses, one of whom is unquestionably a wrestling god. The burly athletes meet in the black-box mat room, which at times appears to stretch out infinitely into space, like the background-less paintings of classical Athens, all the better to focus on the human form in action!

BG East may not have the ark of the covenant and alien corpses tucked away in its vast archives (I hear there's a LOT on video we haven't seen--and probably never will), but, for some of us, classic showdowns featuring the likes of Vee, especially attempting a "babyface turn," are far more exciting treasure.  


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