Right this minute my favorite person is my man Gary, friend of this blog and sender of this link connecting us to a 14 July 2007 fight in Scotland between gaunt hothead Ron Jeremi, 5'11", 154#, and the bodybuilder Andrew Chappell, 5'8", 179#, aka Mushy, the SSW champ at the time. 

Chappell is a three-time British Natural Bodybuilding Federation champion. As a vocal advocate for natural bodybuilding, the four-time Mr. Scotland must have felt scorched by fans' insistence that his sublime physique was the product of steroids. But then the crowd was clearly in Jeremi's corner that night and liable to say just about anything.

I could wish for brighter lighting, steadier camerawork, and tighter focus. Two or three times the two wrestlers could have picked up the pace, and I would have paid extra for more grunt-n-groan matwork, but, all in all, it's a fine match, with both battlers glossy with sweat by the end of the 14-minute contest. Mushy's thighs and shoulders alone place this battle, like Gary, at the top of my current gold-star list. Well done to all!

Gary said, "I've never seen anyone pack a pair of black trunks better than this guy. Face, body, package. 3 out of 3 ain't bad." I can't argue with that. If somebody ever holds a contest for best-packed black trunks, I hope they tap my pal Gary and me as judges. 


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