New Favorite Gimmick: Concrete Davidson

A good pro-wrestling name needs to put a smile on my face and excite a little lust. Australian wrestler Concrete Davidson must know that. His ring name suggests antique notions of power and durability, and his ring attire--late 19th-century carnival strongman singlet, with leopard spots (even on his wristbands)--hards me up. What a terrific gimmick! Crewcut, handlebar mustache, burly biceps, and signature holds with names that hark back to the beginnings of professional wrestling (e.g., "Feats of Strength").

The genius of "Concrete Davidson"--a name that can stand proudly next to "'Ravishing' Rick Rude," "Johnny Cockstrong," "Marcus 'Buff' Bagwell," and "Randy 'Macho Man' Savage"--is not limited to his catchy moniker; it's the totality of his old-school machismo. He's one part Eugen Sandow, one part John L. Sullivan, and one part Frank Merriwell. In an online interview last year, Davidson enticed fans with details of how he prepares for a big fight:
First I strip off my clothings and get completely naked from head to toe. I put on my boots, one leg at a time, then my leopard patterned wrestling attire. I then apply the mustache wax to achieve my charming, signature curl. In order to achieve maximum hold, the wax is mixed with a pinch of cement, and that is how I earned the nickname "Cement Mustache" Concrete Davidson.
"Old Conco," billed as 6', 190#, has been in pro wrestling since the spring of 2011, but he just this weekend came to my attention. His Facebook page contains more of his copious (and, for me, enchanting) mythology:
Born in 1896 into a family of Carnival folk, Concrete Davidson literally entered the world wrestling his own umbilical cord, forcibly breaking it within seconds. 
At only 6 weeks old, he was able to walk under his own power and at 3 months old he could lift a 10lb ring weight overhead using his index finger... a tremendous feat of tendon strength. 
At the age of 3 he lifted a 270lb Scotsman by his nostrils.
It goes on from there. And his wrestling debut against the sumptuously studly Mad Turk Hussein is pretty hot, despite the shaky camerawork. Watch the video here.

There's also a brand new website, where he lists his stats as 5'11" and 14.5 stone (203 pounds).


  1. Despite the retro gimmick, it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Here's another one:


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