Two Pretty Boys Going at It

Commentator and promoter Drew Cordeiro gets the gist of this match's appeal for me with the phrase "two pretty-boys going at it." (The fight in question starts here, at the 18:00 mark.) Beyond Wrestling is better known for its innovative and intense ring battles than for its "pretty-boys," though it has its share of those too, and this match is proof you don't have to sacrifice one for the other.

David Starr, a subject of yesterday's posting, heels it up--preening, mouthing off at the ref and the audience, taking cheap shots, screaming like a girl when punched, and doing his best to postpone the inevitable face-off with Caleb Konley, 6', 208#. Caleb, in peak form, recently switched from male-model gimmick to stolid babyface. Since chatting with him briefly at the merch tables at my first-ever live wrestling event, I have been a huge fan of CK, an icon of new Southern wrestling.

"Look at it!" Starr taunts the crowd. The two commentators wonder aloud what "it" Starr is talking about. Finally they figure out he's pointing at his "dinky," thus launching a discussion over whether the penis (kudos to Cordeiro for at last saying the word) used as a weapon can constitute a sound strategy in pro wrestling. (Obviously Drew draws on Beyond Wrestling's own illustrious history, notably the piledriver variation that made "Johnny Cockstrong" a household name at my house.) Apparently, issues for years of import to Ringside at Skull Island have now crossed over to legit wrestling!

"I'm prettier than you, Caleb," crows Fandango-wannabe Starr ("rocking the bellbottoms," as Drew observes), somewhat confirming my hunch that somebody had us gay wrestling fans in mind when this fight was booked. This is a fun and sexy battle, featuring two fit and sexy wrestlers. Things really heat up when Caleb dares lay hands on the strutting egotist's beautiful face. The give-and-take contest reaches the boiling point, climaxing in a sudden and controversial finish. Don't miss this one. 


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