Full Contact Jonny

Anybody interested in the "moderately interesting life" of BG East's Jonny Firestorm? There's a blog for that. 

You want to wrassle Firestorm or--or and--his friends? I know of a web page you need to see. (Take me with you.)

Or do you want to order a custom match featuring Jonny and friends? Then get on your knees, pull out some C-notes, or puff out your muscly chest here, and beg, bribe, or coerce Jonny to make your kinky little dream come true. 

You want to feast your eyes on pictures of Jonny's chest, abs, thighs, and ass? Are you, like me, fascinated with the man's thick and hairy forearms? There's a place for us, too. 

I'm talking about the nonstop all-Jonny all the time web site. It will make your balls all happy and stuff. It did mine.


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