Happy Halloween

A lover of horror and lover of wrestling, but I've never been too fond of mixing the two together. I appreciate that, deep down, both are about our queasy feelings about bodies and sex and violence, but wrestling has always produced the stronger erotic charge for me free of its Grand Guignol trappings. Also, pulling the two genres together has almost always struck me as over-the-top campy--and, while I like camp well enough on its own, camp rarely factors as truly sexy for me. Still, it's Halloween tonight, a time of excesses in morbid imagination and theatrical costumery. So whether your thing is crucifix-pinning vampires, staging all-werewolf hair-stakes matches, body-slamming zombies, or eye-gouging cyclopes, I wish you a happy and tricky Halloween.

Doink the Clown

King Curtis

Ox Baker

"The French Angel" Maurice Tillet

The Original Sheik

The Boogeyman

Tor Johnson (in Plan 9 from Outer Space)


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