Power Couple

I have lost count of how many reviews I've written on Krush-versus-Lucien matches. I could check, but that would only open up issues of semantics, such as what, strictly speaking, constitutes a "review" ... as opposed, say, to a tone poem on the beauties of wrestling. My first celebration of the two would have been well over three years ago, closer to four, perhaps more years than that. These bouts, available for download at Krushco, have not gotten old for me yet, in large part because these two very fine wrestlers bring out the best in each other. That takes nothing away from their bouts with other wrestlers, some of which rank as favorites of mine (I'm thinking specifically of Kain O'Brien, Lazio, Max, and Kyle Braun, at the moment), but it does speak well of the special chemistry between Lucien and Krush: the rangy Celtic god versus the human atom bomb.

I call this post "Power Couple," knowing full well that the tag usually applies to folks like Brad and Angelina, Barack and Michelle, or Becks and Posh, high profile celebs whose romantic relationships, as depicted in the mass media, glamorize contemporary ideas of influence, celebrity, and money. I prefer a more literal use of the phrase, "power" meaning vigor, muscle, nerve, and will to win. Since childhood, I dreamed of having a brother or lover or simply buddy with whom I could routinely butt my head. A perfect match, more "holdmate" than "soulmate," but perhaps both, upon whom to harmlessly vent my spleen 50 or 60 times a year. 

Sure, there's not a lot to distinguish one match between Lucien and Krush from another--different gear, different setting, different camerawork, varying levels of intensity, perhaps even more distinctions for the true aficionado. But obvious similarities take a backseat to the raw display of force, aggression, body contact, and pure old-fashioned roughnecking. Once I'm caught up in the moment-by-moment struggle between these two, I forget I have seen it--or a subtle variation of it--many times before--but I could say the same for a lot of other things I adore: a steak with a hot red center, a Motown hit, a roller-coaster ride, a hard round bicep, or a clear starry night.


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