10 x Blake

Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia, Georgia, last Saturday, November 9th, featured personal wrestling favorites like Alex Avgerinos, Steven Walters, Corey Hollis, and Mike Posey. Too long away from ringside (and Ringside at Skull Island), Blake Arledge's camera captures the show in just under 300 photos you can enjoy in full here. I picked ten of my favorites to share with you this morning.

Top to bottom: (1) Alex Avgerinos having a bad moment during the opening battle royal; (2) BJ Hancock with a grip on Todd Sexton; (3) an act of treachery by young Joey Rymer, attacking his mentor Todd Sexton; (4) disbelief on the face of Sexton, held in place by Anthony Henry and BJ Hancock, as he realizes his young protege's perfidy; (5) Slim J and Corey Hollis going at it during a tag team match; (6) Steven Walters gets a choke on Young Lions champ Kevin Blue; (7) Kevin Blue bleeding from the mouth from his run-in with Walters, but ultimately victorious in what was reportedly a friendly match, despite evidence to the contrary; (8) four real stinkers approaching the ring: Joey Rymer, Miss Rachael, Anthony Henry, and BG Hancock; (9) Anthony Henry versus Stryknyn; (10) Henry versus Stryknyn some more (Stryknyn won the main event).


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