Born to Wrestle (November)

Tyler Reks (1 November 1978)

Darren Young (2 November 1983), with Nick Villa

Ryan Nemeth (4 November 1983)

Johnny Kashmere (6 November 1978)

Magnus (6 November 1986)

Ted DiBiase Jr (8 November 1982)

Chris Jericho (9 November 1970)

Trent Acid (12 November 1980)

Samuray Del Sol (14 November 1986)

Randy Savage (15 November 1952)

CIMA (15 November 1977)

Evan Karagias (27 November 1973)

Tom Zenk (30 November 1958), with Rick Martel


  1. What an effin amazing month for wrestler production. My first heartthrob (Randy Savage), one of my favorite 1980s heartthrobs (Tommy Zenk), one of my choicest gay-is-OK dudes (Johnny K) and one of my select few all-purpose all-time always-reliable-with-results (Evan K). Thanks Joe. -David

  2. Just came across this blog and am lovin it! Love Magnus and Ted DiBiase Jr [wish he were still wrestling :( ] Can't wait to check out Ryan Nemeth and Johnny Kashmere


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