Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have never ordered a custom wrestling video. But there are wrestlers who I think have not yet found the right kind of competition--at least I haven't seen that match--or have drifted away from the right kind of competition for one reason or another.

Dave Calbrese (by any name) needs to go back to the mats, I think, and face a comparably built and comparably aggressive opponent in a straight-up (no kayfabe) wrestling match again, at Movimus, most likely, or BG East, or possibly UCW or Thunder's Arena, if either would respectively scale up or scale down the body mass of its wrestlers and go with an unscripted contest.

Ashton Vuitton needs to step into the pro ring with a smooth, feisty doughboy who's about his height and weight. I don't care who wins or loses, just as long as the battle is long and strenuous, with lots of mat work, out-of-ring slugouts, and corner paybacks. (Come to think of it, a ring match between Vuitton and Calbrese wouldn't be a bad idea either.)


Steven Walters versus Wes Brisco. They'd be evenly matched, with Wes holding a slight advantage in bulk. This match would kill me, especially an old-school pro match, with rounds and classic catch wrestling holds.

Brian Cage versus Trent Barreta. If their billed stats are accurate, these two former tag partners are the same height and the same weight. They have previously fought against each other in tag competition, but a one-on-one would be tasty right now.


  1. I always thought that Dave Calbrese, wherever he has fought, has been under-appreciated, for what a great wrestler he is. I don't know why he has not successfully made the jump to some other organizations, but seeing him get his ass kicked (or kicking ass) against some BG East, Thunders or UCW fighters would be great!

  2. Nice idea for a post.

    I'm so out of it, I had no idea Dave Calbrese did anything other than NRW. I agree that he seems talented and I'd love to see him doing something more than what he's doing.

    Steven Walters is just awesome. He seems cool and has been doing a great job traveling the world to gain more experience. He might be too small to ever make the big guys, but I'd love to see him hit with ROH. Walters against guys like Bennett, Strong, Edwards, Richards, etc.

    Baretta is great. I need to check out more of Cage. I know he's a blog favorite, so there must be something there.

  3. I think he might be doing some nude stuff for NRW now.

    1. Yes, Dave Calbrese ia doing some nude modeling on a site associated with NRWrestling called

  4. How about having Calbrese vs. Kid Karisma from BG? They are similar size and definitely the same wolverinesque attitude

    1. Great custom match, if only I had the cash. But you have sold me.



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