Dangerous Danny Debris

A while back, my friend Gary sent me this link to the Elite British Wrestling championship bout (27 July 2013), which has just about everything, or, as he put it, "It takes a while to get going, but all the elements are there":
  1. Charismatic well-built "loose cannon" of a champion: the titular Dangerous Danny Debris, 5'9", 205#
  2. A gigantic roly-poly masked villain: The Watcher, who is required to unmask to compete in the championship match, thus revealing he is The Mean Machine Mark Sanders, 6'8", 260#
  3. A cute young ref, who should be in a boy band
  4. An attack from behind to start the match (check out the 1st photo above)
  5. At least three close-call two-counts
  6. Illegal use of the ropes (check out the 4th photo above)
  7. One of the world's longest rear naked choke holds (check out the 5th, 6th, and 7th photos above)
  8. Rock-em-sock-em action inside and outside of the ring (check out the 8th photo above)
  9. Turnbuckle slugfests
  10. Outside interference
  11. An accidental punch to the face of the guy holding the intended recipient of said punch to the face
  12. A knocked out ref, tossed out of the ring so he misses a crucial pinfall (check out the 10th photo above), then tossed back in just in time to proclaim the wrong man the winner (check out the last photo above) and show off his prettily shaped ass (check out the, um, bottom of the 11th photo above)


  1. Generally I'm like get the ref out of the shot cause he's blocking my view, but in this instance, I'm like hoping the ref and that sweet backside of his would cross into the frame, his butt at the 16:12 mark is spectacular, someone needs to put this boy in trunks.

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much for pointing me to this. That was so hot, esp. that rear naked choke on that perfect stud Danny, you weren't kidding about it being one of the world's longest. His luscious pecs and abs being exposed; that man is blessed with genetics that look good even in bright washed out lighting

  3. I checked out EBW's Facebook page and the name of the referee with the choice rear end appears to be Ryan Lee. Unfortunately, this Ryan Lee does not appear to be the same Ryan Lee who co-starred in Freshwave Ltd.'s "Brighton's Cocktales." Nevertheless, hopefully EBW will take advantage of this young man's natural gifts.


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