Kain is one of Krushco's best wrestlers, that is to say the Irish wrestler offers Krush some of his most intense and satisfying competition. Except for Lucien, Kain may now be Krush's best-known adversary. The latest battle between these two seasoned grapplers is labeled a "grudge match," and the blurb in the catalog informs us that the submission-only contest goes for two rounds, adding, to whet our appetites, "you might be surprised to see how the score ends up."

Of course, that teaser can mean only one thing. Right? Well, far be it from me to let the cat out of the bag. Still, no harm in saying that this twenty-minute fight engrossed me from start to finish, and fans of Krush and Kain alike should enjoy it. The two lock up on their knees, without speaking a word, and it takes Krush only twenty seconds to get on top of Kain, grinding down, smashing the palms of his hands to Kain's nose and mouth. Kain clamps his legs around Krush's waist, squeezing the air from his lungs and cutting off circulation.  

The two are trapped together until Krush staggers to his feet, breaking the hold, only for the two to immediately entwine themselves again, Krush avoiding Kain's thighs this time. Krush dominates, slamming his chest to Kain's face, then kicking his knee into his ribs. Just when it looks like he might be going nowhere, Kain breaks and reverses. He gets Krush kneeling facedown with his head tucked between Kain's knees. Kain chokes Krush from behind, his chest bearing down on the back of Krush's head and his chin grinding against the vertebrae.

A couple of minutes later, though, Krush has a rear naked choke on Kain. Never one to play strictly by the rules, Krush later straddles his opponent and strangles him with a white strap. Kain writhes, slowly losing consciousness, bracing the heel of his hand to Krush's chin and pushing the man back. Krush starts getting jokey as he senses his mastery over the man. When Kain drives a fist to the big guy's side, Krush quips, "Tickles." The struggle continues past the point when most guys would have tapped out, but Kain's tough. Both wrestlers dig fingers into each other's face, the situation constantly in flux.  Often it's impossible to tell which one has the advantage, in a match suspending both wrestlers in almost perpetual deadlock.  

The first submission happens at the 12-minute mark, leading to a feverishly paced second round with Krush determined to be the man in charge. But Kain fulfills the stereotype of the scrappy, never-say-die Irish fighter, not as easy to subdue as some of Krush's usual victims, not as likely to quit as long as there's a breath left in his body.


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