Last Man Standing

BG East leads the pack in making plausible ring wrestlers out of go-go boys, porn stars, fitness models, submission wrestlers, massage therapists, and guys just walking in off the street. But something special happens when the company opens its door to guys who draw regular paychecks delivering elbow drops and moonsaults for the ticket-buying public. These guys know how to make the crowd love 'em and hate 'em, U-turning fans' emotions and allegiances every three minutes. Their moves make the whole ring roar, and you better believe they spend more time closing than posing. Unlike the cute twinks and gym rats we kinksters usually thrive on, these men are dangerous--and that, my friends, is a thing all to itself.

Last Man Standing features two matches that would be surefire showstoppers in any regional wrestling show in the country. Add to that BGE's tight camerawork, lovingly detailing every flinch and shudder, and you've got yourself something you can't find on YouTube. I know (and probably you do, too) Guido Genatto  and Flash LaCash by other names for their amazing work in pro rings in New England. These guys take on big names like Goldust and Tommaso Ciampa. Seeing them together in the BGE ring, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The idea of the match is that the only way to win is a 10-count knockout or incapacitation--pins and submissions don't count. These guys enter the ring with smoke curling from their ears, ready to inflict some uber-violence on each other. It doesn't take long for the nostril-stretching and tendon-snapping to begin--and in minutes these two are sweating like whores at an Alabama prayer meeting.

This is rough stuff. The second match is not quite as brutal as the first, in my opinion, but intense and fast-paced all the same. The two wrestlers are more familiar to BGE fans: Donnie Drake and Lon Dumont. Drake's got size, muscle, and experience over Dumont, but little Lon is a crafty weasel--and sadistic too. This is not the first time their paths have crossed, having fought on opposite sides in BGE's Tag Team Torture 12 a while back. Apparently the animosity engendered in that match (where they singled each other out for especially stiff treatment) is still fresh in both wrestlers' memories. This time they're in the ring alone, and there's no way out but over the other guy's limp body. Neither guy knows when to call it quits. Neither wants to stop clubbing the other guy--and of course no matter how many times you scream "I quit!" you're still fucked because this is "last man standing," sucker! And even after the clear winner exits the ring, leaving his opponent a sweat-drenched heap of flesh and bone under the unforgiving glare of the lights and camera, he can't resist going back to see if somehow the guy can be damaged more than he already is!

Whether this is a one-shot deal or the beginning of a new series, Last Man Standing is stick-to-your-ribs entertainment, all the more satisfying if you like watching big brutes slug it out, bite, claw, slam, and stomp. Now this is what I call a holiday special!


  1. Joe --- Great piece of writing on this post

    Anybody recognize Chris Dickinson’s opponent in this match? He is an indy guy?

    and ranking up with great lines in this blog is: “… in minutes these two are sweating like whores at an Alabama prayer meeting” LoL --- love it!

    1. Ray, you may know Flash as "The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards.


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