To call Movimus's new release action-packed would be accurate but probably misleading. Max Anderson and Tommy "Ruk" Rukker put up a feisty and often tumultuous fight, but more often than not the two are twisted together in a standoff, muscle immobilizing muscle in a dead heat between two incredibly fine and capable grapplers. Quite a lot is going on here: but the action requires close attention to subtle maneuvering of limbs and centers of gravity. Ruk manages to stay on top, but Max is constantly countering every move Ruk makes to dominate him. 

To call the match meditative would also be true. Watching these sweaty bodies thrash and coil is something I can do with the equanimity of a cow chewing its cud. It could be compared to watching fish in an aquarium or a roaring blaze in the fireplace, except, of course, for the boner. 

If you like wrestling, if you can appreciate the slow erosion of energy and will, it's spellbinding. The contrast in physiques--Max's smooth, undulating whiteness against Ruk's broad, hairy squatness--can be (ought to be) viewed as physical poetry, the two huffing and coughing, the flesh bulging and blushing at the points of contact, the faces blank with concentration and exhaustion. 


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