Starr of David

Here are six shimmering shots of Philadelphia wrestler David Starr, 5'11", 211#, the new big thing on the indy circuit. This blog has reviewed two of his matches currently featured on YouTube: for Combat Zone Wrestling here and for Beyond Wrestling here. (Beefcakes of Wrestling has featured him twice that I know of: here and here.) According to his Facebook page, Starr started wrestling at an indoor play center at age five. He then wrestled in high school and college and began professional training at age 21, almost two years ago, making his professional debut in February of 2012.  His official web site opens with a wall of sound: Joan Jett's "Do You Wanna Touch Me?" With similar ballsiness, his site titillates visitors with links labeled "Stalk Me" (his social networks) and "Look at It" (photos, like the ones above and some action shots).


  1. Gorgeous much? Plus, his website is a hoot. (Love me some Joan Jett.)


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