Vote for Pedro


Here are some screen shots of UCW's latest release [#320]: Pedro Espada versus Michael Hannigan. It's basically a progress report on Axel's protege and trainee Hannigan, as well as Espada's sophomore effort (having faced Axel in #314). After a brief prologue, in which Hannigan pokes fun at Pedro's name (Fandango-style), the 30-minute match follows UCW's winning formula of gut punching, ball twisting, back breaking, and hair yanking. Pedro feels humorless and unsportsmanlike here, slapping away Michael's proffered hand and insisting that the two get right to business. He pushes Hannigan back to the wall to whale away at the tall wrestler's midsection. Of course, Hannigan is going to have something to say about that a little later.

On a side note, this week's Inside Scoop on the UCW home page gives us Axel's most dynamic (and adorable) promo to date, as he challenges Eli Black to face him on the mat one on one (a matchup that bizarrely has not already happened) and you know I am not usually a fan of wrestling promos. Such a match, if it ever happens, promises to be far from formulaic, since both wrestlers are inventive mat grapplers--and the two together could blast fireballs of erotic friction and liven up the underground wrestling universe.


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