How 2013 Knocked My Socks Off

Ring of Honor's Adam Cole saying hi to 2013 at Ringside at Skull Island (and then going on to make the year his bitch and then taking a stand against hate

Aryx Quinn gunning for Alexi Adamov at BG East 

Local benefit show in a high-school gym giving me my best experience of live pro wrestling to date (and washing the bad taste of WWE's Holiday Tour 2012 out of my mouth)

Nick Diesel hazing Private Jack Marino at UCW 

Mike Martin at BG East explaining the importance of the right attitude in wrestling (hint: it's cock)  

The line of doomed challengers taunting Krush on video, basically a plea to have their asses pounded into a wrestling mat 

 Prince Devitt archly and spectacularly turning heel at New Japan Pro Wrestling 

Me taking my act to Tumblr at Aggronaut! (my blog for fans who don't read) 

Movimus bringing Mikey Hanlon and Max Anderson back into my life 

Jonny Firestorm trampling Aryx Quinn exclusively for subscribers to The 

Clean-cut Alex Waters and Brodie Fisher clubbing tattooed wild boys Josh Steel and Brian Baker like baby seals at Rock Hard Wrestling 

WWE wrestler Darren Young's coming out--and then established wrestling tough guys like Davey Richards, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Triple H, and Bret Hart cheering him on

Quinn Harper stepping on Eli Black's head at UCW 

Brock Hammer and Travis Carter giving me sweaty bodies and hair-pulling in the same match at Movimus 

Jonny Firestorm blogging like a real writer--candid (uncomfortably so, at times), introspective, and eloquent (there may even be a book in the guy)

Connor Flynn angling to knock Don Cooper the fuck out at Movimus (he doesn't, but he holds back nothing in the effort)

Brad Rochelle reversing on Kid Leopard at BG East in The Contract 10, a match that's one part Buster Crabbe in the Flash Gordon serials, one part Dynasty (note to Kid Leopard, Joan Collins wants her sneer back!), one part Wagnerian opera as performed by the guys at Gold's Gym

Jamie Diaz flaunting his smokin' new bod at ECCW (dammmn)

Masked heel and belle lettrist Cage Thunder penning a steamy origin story, Going Down for the Count: turn the page or keep stroking (you have to decide)

Krush uncharacteristically giving and taking with Kain at Kruschco 

BG East's Brad Rochelle threatening to "elevate the situation" on me (never be this hot and threaten to beat me up--I can't handle the disappointment when you don't follow through)

Lupe schooling Tak at Thunder's Arena 

Kid Karisma quivering helpless in the onslaught of Dev Michaels at BG East in a well-deserved and long-overdue spotlight on Kid K

Brock Hammer showing Jimmy Reilly who's top dog at Movimus (it is not puppy-dog cute Jimmy)

Lane Hartley smirking, flexing, and punishing stand-ins for you and me at BG East (he is my pick for wrestler of the year)
What knocked your socks off in 2013?


  1. Your blog knocked my socks off all year! Thanks for all the work you put into it. Love your take on things and it definitely helped me make some buying decisions on what to download this year.

    Actually, all the bloggers I follow regularly knocked my socks off with their unique insight and effort ... Bard/Neverland, Bruno/Beefcakes of Wrestling, Stay Puft/Inner Jobber, Lucky Stallion/Barbaric Brawn, Wrestling Arsenal ... I'm sure there are more. The wrestling blogosphere is amazingly robust.

    From BGE, Kid Karisma/Dev Michaels was really good. Lane Hartley looks like a great addition. I'm looking forward to seeing him in action in 2014, along with seeing the conclusion to the Contract.

    From RHW, the two return matches with Jake Jenkins were great, especially the 3-way. I'm hoping they shot a singles match with Jake/Alex. They both knocked my socks off, with Alex now being a likely must-download guy.

    From Thunders, Big Sexy and Tak continued to knock my socks off. They're my go-to guys there and were reliably awesome. I especially liked Big Sexy/Eric Fury for the surprise (to me) action. I would've liked it more if Big Sexy had been more like himself throughout, but it was good.

    From the indie scene, Steven Walters, Adam Cole, Ashton Vuitton and Mike Bennett all provided great new action and it was awesome to see them all moving forward. Tony Nese was reliably great. Jesse Sorensen coming back from a devastating injury knocked my socks off, too. Impressive determination. I'm excited to see which new guys make a splash.

    YouTube knocked my socks off this year. I'm amazed by the volume of guys and indie federations running these days. YT is the only way to keep up and see the guys from around the world. Like the blogosphere, YouTube makes it a great time to be a wrestling fan.

  2. I finally got a chance to see Lane Hartley in action. Wow, he's awesome. The match I saw was the Brad Barnes one on VOD.

    The action was incredible and Lane has a great ring presence. I loved his personality and the joy he took in demolishing the smaller stud. At one point he says they're going to have fun and that he'll have to think of more stuff to do with Brad. I love that attitude.

    I did think it was odd that he started out talking like Brad was some huge bodybuilder when he actually dwarfed him. It didn't distract me, but struck me as funny.


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