Jungle Law

A Wrestler Spotlight for BG East's Kid Karisma has been long overdue. Karisma is a master of eroticizing acts of aggression, holding back on neither seductive nor destructive aspects of ring and mat wrestling. He does what he does better than anybody else. He's funny, strong, agile, easy on the eyes, tempestuous, inventive, relentless, and divinely ruthless. The recently released Spotlight video is everything I wanted it to be. Each match is beautifully executed, and each reveals a different facet of this remarkable man's talents, irreducible to his prizewinning butt, but then there's that, too. With no slight to the other two contests (versus pretty-boy Pete Sharp in the gazebo and versus kissing-bandit Gabriel Ross in the mat room), right now I'm most taken with the sweaty second match, versus big-lug Dev Michaels, another wrestler whose look and performance style I admire.

Dev is clearly portrayed as the predator in this tale, dressed in iconic jaguar-print trunks, in contrast to the herbivore giraffe design of Kid K's trunks. In body mass, Karisma is about 85% the man Michaels is--enough difference to affect outcome perhaps, but not enough to make K "easy prey." That said, Karisma has always posed a challenge to a would-be dominator, regardless of size difference, even when jobbing. Dev moves first, catching Karisma in a reverse bearhug, but K quickly repays with a chest-to-chest hug, leading to a rousing show of macho oneupmanship: tests of strength, tackling takedowns, boot stomps, headlocks, wrist locks, and nelsons. As soon as Dev starts looking too comfortable in the dominant role, Karisma fires back with a surprise reversal, evening the score.

After an agonizing bodyscissors, Kid K is the first to say "Give," a welcome sound for Michaels, who rewards the Kid with a sharp knee-jab to the spleen. Karisma fires back, but he's quickly subdued, and a corner leglock gives us time to appreciate the beads of sweat gathering on both fighters' shoulder muscles. But then he claws at Michaels' mouth and chin (first photo above) and then the pecs, forcing the release. The savagery of the match escalates, as both men's tempers hit their tipping points. Kid K strangles the big bruiser on the bottom rope (third photo). But Dev swats him away like a pesty sandfly and starts lifting and smashing Karisma's increasingly vulnerable-looking body.

Compared to Karisma's, Dev's moves are clumsy, almost troglodytic in their reliance on sheer brute force. Under such an assault, K must feel like he's being hit by a landslide, rather than a sporting human adversary. Given the opportunity, Dev goes for a bearhug and bodyslam combination, moves that highlight his power and violence--just as a stone-age war god might be expected to act. (Keep in mind that I'm a huge fan of the animal fight scenes in both the first and last King Kong films--the blog's not called "Skull Island" for nothing.) After Dev nearly snaps the Kid's head off his spinal column in a camel clutch, he smashes the helpless victim's nose flat to the mat. Pressing K's shoulder under his boot, Michaels literally grrr's before peeling the wet trunks off the boy's bubble butt, revealing a G-string that curiously matches Dev's jaguar-spotted trunks.

Both men reach true magnificence only after they're soaked in sweat (a point I generally hold as true for most men, but sweat on these two muscle-beasts is something to behold, especially the nakeder they get). Dev's trunks stay in place only slightly longer than Karisma's, as Kid K charges back for vengeance. Dev stays on top longer than Kid K, but when K's in charge, he makes every move count. At a high point in the action, when Dev pulls Karisma's sweaty body on top of his own, choking his foe from behind, the match reaches a point of purely erotic terror that's a picture of almost everything I like about wrestling (the fourth photo barely does the moment justice, but you get the idea). Where it goes from here is too hideously wonderful for me to express in words.

The only thing that would have made this match better for me is hair on Kid K's chest. That's about it. It didn't really have much further to go to hit capital-P Perfection.

Gifs by Beautiful Stalker and photos from The Arena @BGEAST.com


  1. Great muscle wresting and commentary with identified holds/pics. Hey, I love Kid Karisma, but, it is nice to see him take some after he "hunkbashed" dear young J Jenkins.

  2. Dev and Kid Karisma the perfect macho muscle ego trip.Sweat and pure strength gave us a wrestling bout to remember.Kid preens himself on showing off that nice symmetry body of his and Dev is one mature muscle heel that can suffer well when caught out by a dominating and more youthful stud like Kid!


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