Newbs Square Off

In the last two months of 2013, the major players in the video wrestling world have introduced fresh and exciting talents that promise to fire up their respective companies in 2014. For me, ever the seeker of novelty, the new batch of talented athletes, as diverse in performance styles as in physical appearance, represents a potential sea change in eroto-wrestling entertainment.

BG East brought us Kip Sorell, Flavio, and Lane Hartley. UCW came out with Erik the Viking and Hiro. Rock Hard Wrestling introduced us to Matt Engel and Logan Matthews. Movimus presented Don Cooper and Jimmy Reilly. That's just to name a few of the new faces (and heels) who rocked my jock this fall.

Two weeks ago Thunder's Arena unveiled Lupe and now, wisely, rushed to release the tall, dark, and handsome former pro wrestler's followup: Lupe, 6'3", 220#, versus Big Sean, 5'9", 250#, in Battlespace 66.

I have complicated personal reasons for loving side headlocks, and Battlespace 66 starts off as almost a showcase for that hold. In fact, had I custom-ordered a match from the Arena, it would pretty much mirror this one. Headscissors and armbars, close seconds to the headlock for me, are also prominently featured. Give-and-take punishment is the order of the day when newcomers face off, and in this respect Lupe-versus-Sean does not disappoint. In fact, Lupe's volatility and taste for casual cruelties are near-perfect matches for Big Sean's Irish temper and two-fisted sense of justice.

For me, Lupe is the best thing to hit Thunder's Arena since Big Sexy. He's a big man who wrestles big--selling every move 100%, totally attentive to both his opponent and the fight space they occupy, committed to the macho drama that's the heart of wrestling entertainment, and sexy as cross-eyed fuck.


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