I want to congratulate Rock Hard Wrestling on its 100th release. Four years and a week or two ago, I celebrated RHW's arrival on the kink wrestling scene. Initially underwhelmed by the wrestling, but crazy about the wrestlers, I have since come to respect the company's huge and rapid improvements in both areas. It has introduced some of the hottest new talent in the underground wrestling scene and provided a new setting and new roles for wrestlers who had made their marks elsewhere. Not only have the wrestlers gotten prettier, but also the power and intensity of the wrestling have escalated with each passing year. 

Its latest video marks Rock Hard's first ever three-way match, and it showcases three of my favorite RHW performers: Jake Jenkins, Josh Steel, and Alex Waters. The 22-minute match shows the three wrestlers engaged in a process of elimination. In Round 1, the three struggle to oust one of their number out of the competition, leading to a second-round face-off to determine which of the two survivors will be the ultimate winner. Jenkins, Steel, and Waters represent slightly different generations at Rock Hard. Jake came to my attention in the spring of 2011. Then came Josh in the summer of 2012. Then came Alex in late winter of this year.

The iffy fisticuffs (ifficuffs?) of RHW's first year gave way to the heated and intense gut-punches, stomps, power-bombs, scissors, and pilings-on we see here. This brute realism cropped up with the advent of Jake Jenkins (and others, like Austin Cooper and Eli Black) and has accelerated as guys like Josh and Alex signed on, photogenic as puppies and dandelions, but also determined to raise the ruckus levels to maximum. In this match, the first sweat appears in the first minute of Round 1. The first minute! These guys aren't just striking poses. But it's not all random thrashing about either. Here is action and drama that pulls the viewer in and holds tight--thanks again to Rock Hard's superb camera work and highly effective soundtrack. I could probably have guessed the outcome of this contest (I didn't even try), but the wrestlers' energy and conviction bound me to every attack and reversal up to the final victory pose.

It's been a great ride so far, so I can hardly wait to see what these boys cook up for next year. With its 100th match, RHW celebrates its arrival to the top tier of erotic wrestling entertainment, featuring three of its sexiest, toughest, and most charismatic stars, who look like they might be here to stay ... at least (I hope) through the next year.

An announcement for my regular readers: In 2014, I will probably limit myself to no more than two posts a week. I can't keep up the pace of the past four years (with an average of 11 posts a week in 2010!) I intend to put less time into Ringside at Skull Island not because I'm tired of the subject of wrestling, but because I'm repeating myself, to the point of sometimes reusing the same phrases (excessively and with added exclamation points). I hate that. In the future, I will try to pick and choose subjects about which I believe I have something new and insightful to say. I'm also wearing down (old age is not for sissies, as Bette Davis tried to warn us), and I'd like to make more room for other interests and pursuits ... in my (cough, cough) golden years. 

* Red, green, and blue trunks. Clever boys. Check out the Wikipedia entry on the RGB color model.


  1. Great post--and which wrestler is in the green trunks? LOVE that fourth picture down!

    And two posts a week will still be great. Since starting, I've found the WORST thing about blogging is feeling guilty when I haven't posted in a while. So remember: You don't OWE us anything, and we'll be grateful for whatever you DO post! (Not that you need my PERMISSION. I didn't mean THAT. G'ah! Communicating is awkward.)

    1. Thank you, Stay Puft. Alex Waters in the green, Jake Jenkins in the red, and Josh Steel in the blue.

  2. Well you do what's best for you, but I for one will be sad because I just found this blog recently, and really haven't found anything else quite like it. I haven't found too many others out there either ;_;

  3. Joe, your output has been amazing. I offered to help Bard with posts for his blog, but found I had nothing more to say after about four posts. I will say, I don't see any of the repetition you're seeing. Your blog is amazing and I find each post unique and interesting. I think it's different for a reader than a writer.

    On the RHW front, I very much like their product. I've probably bought a dozen downloads, mostly Jake Jenkins and Ethan Andrews. The guys, action and filming are top-notch. It's great they've found their niche, but my one problem is the lack of variety. I'm sure I've missed some great matches, but so many of the wrestlers and matches look the same. I actually really rely on your take to determine if it's worth buying.


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