"Strip Joker of the Title ..."

Quinn Harper mind-controls a sleeping Bodyslam and implants the idea to strip Joker of the UCW-Wrestling championship. The next day, out of nowhere, Bodyslam tells UCW co-owner Axel that Joker, who has held the belt for over a year without defending it, is now out and whoever shows up for the next day's taping will fight it out to decide the next titleholder. Axel is ref, and the wrestlers who show up for the three-way dance are Erik the Viking, Billy Gunn, and Michael Hannigan. (Why, I want to know, no Quinn Harper? No Eli Black? No Nick Diesel? No CJ Devastation? I'm not the sort to make a stink over this sort of thing, but these guys sure as hell are, so I bet whoever walks away with the belt--and I know who it is, but I'm not saying--will soon have his hands plenty full as angry wrestlers line up to challenge him.)

Tempers flare as the three wrestlers pronounce themselves the logical next champion. They've all wrestled each other in the recent past, so, as Axel points out, they are familiar with each other's wrestling styles. (By the way, Axel looks sexxxy in the open ref's shirt, somewhat blunting my disappointment that he is not competing in this match.) Of the contenders, Erik's the sexiest, Gunn's the biggest, and Michael's got the most experience with the company, but in the end it's wrestling talent that will prevail--or it should be: at UCW anything is possible, never doubt that. 

Although the owners are officially impartial, Axel openly favors "my man" Michael Hannigan, while Bodyslam predicts that Billy Gunn will win the day--size and meanness ought to count for something. Bodyslam tells the contestants up front that the winner will have to defend the belt first against the first man eliminated in the three-way dance, and, later, he will also have to take on Axel too, who was the company's original champion. 

Before the bell even sounds Michael and Erik are pushing each other, saying who is gonna kick whose ass, but when Billy boldly snatches the belt from Axel's hands, both guys unite in taking the big guy down. For the next twenty minutes, they punch, claw, kick, and humiliate Gunn--with no small help from the hardly impartial Axel, who even taunts Billy by holding the belt up to his face while he's groaning in a clutch hold. But fifteen minutes before the match's end, Billy asserts control--and not in a way that will boost his popularity with this particular group of wrestlers, needless to say--and the match veers into a whole new direction, with everybody a little meaner and testier than they were at the start. 

Expect surprises ! This is good stuff. The UCW boys make me proud on this one.


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