When Curls Collide (Pillman vs Scott Revisited)

Feeling some nostalgia for the Corkscrew Mullet Era, I revisited a 2010 post on this match but was disappointed that the old link didn't work. The video's a doozy. Of course, hottie-versus-hottie is always an easy sell for me, especially when the athletes are evenly matched in ability, or pretend to be. Blond Flyin' Brian, in his prime, takes on dark-haired jobber and sometime ref Lee Scott before a squealing crowd. The match starts off pretty clunky but warms up sweetly as the boys take the tussle down to the mat. If you want to watch the eight-minute match (give or take an entrance and a victory pose), you can still find it in a number of places, at least temporarily, but I found it here on YouTube.


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