Jake Shears (of Scissor Sisters) wears his T-shirts. How cool is that? Prince Devitt is a mega-star in Japan, his face plastered on the trains in Tokyo. He's a respected luchador in Mexico and a staunch supporter of independent pro wrestling worldwide. Last year he turned heel in the most spectacular way possible--betraying his partner Ryusuke Taguchi of the tag team Apollo 55 (pronounced, in Japanese, "Apollo Go Go"). Then, talk about fabulous, he fucking died and resurrected (check out the video here). Although the evidence has vanished from the web site, the guy even wrestled for us at BG East (in Fantasymen 31 and Wrestler Spotlight: Jonny Firestorm--as well as at BGE's butch sister site NewPro). The man is living my fantasy life, as becomes clear in this match, where he nearly demolishes (with help from his evil minions, the Bullet Club) fellow BGE alumnus Kenny Omega (known there by another name, but why spoil the mystery? *).

This 9 June 2013 battle for NJPW is another example about what I find so compelling about the Japanese pro wrestling scene. Devitt, 5'11", 180#, and Omega, 6', 202#, are splendidly matched in size, build, and skills and starkly opposed in appearance (brunet versus blond--another big sub-kink of mine), style, and ethics. The fight promotes high-flying acrobatic moves without shortchanging the finer points of catch-wrestling tradition--mat grappling, corner tangles, working an opponent up close, even hair-pulling). The involvement of the crowd, ref, and evil minions is nearly perfect. The battle is well paced, escalating to a whirlwind finish that, while consistent with everything we see previous to it, still hits us with the shock of surprise. Go here to watch this nine-minute marvel in its entirety.

* Okay, a hint: the initials are MM.


  1. As much as I like Kenny Omega, and as much as I love Prince Devitt (I mean, those pecs, come on) I have to say my eyes have always been on the guy he's facing in the first video you linked, mr. Kota Ibushi. The first wrestling match I saw from Japan was one with him in it, and instantly I was hooked.

    He's got amazing technical skills, his matches are always pretty exciting and I just love watching him sell a move, I'd put him in my top three wrestlers ever definitely. He's recently come off a shoulder injury that forced him to vacate his title, and the match you linked showed him winning it back. He was a long time tag team partner with Kenny Omega and he and Prince Devitt have had a number of matches over the years, this is the latest in a long standing rivalry between them. Prince Devitt is great, but for me Ibushi will always come out on top. I think you should definitely take a closer look at him.

    (and those shorts he wears fit him like a glove ;p)


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