Axel's School of Hard Knocks

In its latest release [#335] UCW-Wrestling gives Axel some alone time with new contractee Oliver Wood. Axel puts Oliver through the usual paces, and we get to see what kind of resistance and pushback Wood is capable of. Axel seems to like Oliver's feistiness, mainly because it gives him an excuse to rise to new levels of  punishment and humiliation. 

Lately, we have witnessed Axel, still heel-curious, in search of new boundaries to cross in his slow but hardly certain rise to villainy. One of the fine comic touches in this new match gives us Axel splitting Oliver's thighs about as wide as they will go and then digging under Wood's green waistband to retrieve some tissue paper the rookie had stuffed the crotch with, in hopes of enhancing his assets on camera. "Is there actually any wood?" Axel asks, punning on the man's last name. Apparently, no cheat sheets are allowed in Axel's School of Hard Knocks! 

I have to love (even though sometimes in shocked disbelief) those UCW guys for their shamelessness, always straddling the line between sport and John Waters! Love 'em or hate 'em, Axel and the guys have fun and put their nuts (and Kleenex) on the line every time, determined to give the fans what they're hankering for. Except for the matter of experience (no small matter), Axel and Oliver are pretty well matched. He's hardly Axel's toughest competition, but he's definitely tough enough to raise Axel's hackles, and the hazing escalates to a lights-out knockout at the end. We don't get to see the victim's eyes roll up in his head, but we do get a satisfying three-count, as the loser's limp arm dully thuds against the mat three times.


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