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BG East does not have to twist my arm to make me watch Brad Barnes, Austin Cooper, Darius, and Kid Karisma in anything, despite a tad ludicrous premise underlying the recently released Forced to Flex 1. Other bloggers (bloggers whom I respect) have touted the erotic appeal of submission matches in which the loser is commanded to flex for the camera, either in addition to or in lieu of a standard tap-out. But I don't get it. Or rather I only almost get it. 

I like flexing. I like the exertion of force. But my erotic imagination gets snagged sometimes upon the oddest things. For some reason, I believe it's the victor who should do the flexing, not the loser--and (mind you, I don't want to overthink this point, but ...) I question the plausibility of a wrestler's being paralyzed in a nerve-jangling submission hold, yet capable of competition-perfect bicep poses. I suppose it's physically possible--just as it's possible for a wrestler to believe that forcing the loser to display his shredded physique is somehow a humiliation. (Seriously? Bodybuilders spend hours in the gym because they would be mortified at the thought of exhibiting their hard-earned muscle in public?)

As a gay male wrestling fan I probably should prefer seeing muscular hotties punished to seeing them triumph. On this point, I have been for years recklessly out of step with my peers, if not entirely back-asswards. I have evolved on the issue, surely. I can enjoy hunk bashes now--even though, nine times out of ten, I still use my imagination to revise the endings. (It's a bit like fucking Angelina Jolie but pretending it's Brad Pitt. It's somebody else's fantasy I'm mentally tweaking to suit my personal kink. But as a gay pro-wrestling fan I have, of course, already experienced such cognitive dissonance for years.) 

Still, Forced to Flex 1 has more to offer than just hogtied bodybuilders doing pec pops while horror pretends to contort their faces, or I wouldn't be writing about it. For one thing, Brad, Coop, Darius, and Kid K are in peak physical condition in full color on my big-screen TV. I'm a happy man. The eye candy alone makes my jaw go slack. Especially Austin Cooper, who I'd like to stretch out in my backyard and bounce upon like a trampoline. His opponent, Darius, is so solid I could crack open walnuts at, I estimate, sixteen different points on his body. Karisma sweats buckets and exudes tons of karismatic attitude while twisting Barnes into small, tight knots--and at one point he holds the square-built he-man aloft by his legs and forces him to do crunches! Now that is something to see!

The wrestling is good, fast paced and heartfelt, and the forced-to-flex angle works better than it has a right to. Cooper and Karisma also flex, voluntarily, and that's the flexing that excites me mainly, especially as the victors loom over the moaning victims at their feet and then dismissively strut away. They pack muscle enough to satisfy fans, like me, who like to see pumped-up hotties triumph. A win-win situation for wrestling fans of varied kinks, yet sadly not so much for poor, flex-hausted Darius and Brad.


  1. Oh, Austin, please, please, make me flex!

  2. I know it seems weird that a hot, strong wrestler would think, "Oh no! I have to flex for the camera now!" But the power play behind it is pretty hot. Sure, he loves to show off his power, but only when HE wants to. To have to do it on command makes it degrading, a whole "master-pet" kind of relationship. So even the victim's strength becomes a sign of his owner's strength. "Look how strong he is when he flexes. And I conquered that--that's all mine." So showing off is taken away from the victim, making him feel the victor's ownership all the more.

    I know you understand all that, I guess I'm just exploring what I find pretty hot about it. The Forced to Flex I've seen was Reese Wells vs Rio Garza. Firstly, I was blown away by the contrast of Reese's sweet boyish face and his mean streak. Locking Rio in a sleeper hold and forcing him to flex, and Rio's arms going limp, his double bicep pose dropping as he starts going out, and Reese lightly slapping his face to wake him up just enough to prolong the situation...MAN that works for me!

  3. P.S. That 6th picture down, of Kid Karisma standing and flexing behind a kneeling, flexing Brad Barnes, with a proprietary hand grabbing Brad's chin...To me, that is such a perfect "ownership" picture (and so frickin' hot). Yes, Brad's impressive in his flexing, but the picture is illustrating that as strong as Brad is (and he IS strong), Kid Karisma is stronger. Like in ancient Egypt, when artwork depicting a pharaoh conquering an enemy would make sure that the conquered enemy was portrayed at least as big as the pharaoh, to show that the pharaoh wasn't padding his record, but that he was even making people as strong as himself his bitches.

    (And I'm sorry for being so untimely, making all these comments about a week after the post!)

    1. Well put, Stay Puft. You really should check out the whole video. And it's never too late to leave a comment.


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