"Old School" Oliver John, 6', 215#, challenges SWF heavyweight champ Dave Dutra, 5'10", 225#, in a March 2013 match as rich in armbars, headlocks, and body slams as I could reasonably hope for. John enters in an iconic star-spangled robe (one of those theatrical props of classic pro wrestling I'd like to enshrine as a holy relic), and Dutra sticks his face and belt into the camera to assure fans at home that he's big enough to fill their widescreen TVs. Both men have strong contingents of fans in the crowd, and the two are evenly matched in toughness and resourcefulness. They each share a heel's eagerness to inflict pain and a babyface's deep respect for the ring and fans. Attitudinally, Old School seems to be channeling Stone Cold Steve Austin (by way of Bruce Willis), and Double D, The Miz (by way of Casey Affleck). John is not the only thing "old school" about this fight (watch it here), which concentrates on real grappling, with a touch of wild west rodeo thrown in for good measure. These hombres set out to break and ride their opponent, raising the hotness volume to 11.


  1. Awesome match! They don't make 'em like this anymore...

  2. You can't watch this on a mobile device. Grrr!

  3. I've seen Oliver John before in matches, but for some reason, must've overlooked him. John is definitely exemplary of a hot wrestler, espeically with that bald, tough SOB, Stone Cold look. And of course that body.

    I feel guilty for not liking DD more. He's handsome and I'm sure it'd be a no brainer if I met him in person. However, watching videos of him doesn't do it for me. I know as an athlete he's more in shape than your average person, but I think I've become critical of those who don't have at least one of A) perfectly scuplted pecs and "cleavage" B) chiseled abs C) any particular chiseled or muscular body part of upper arms, upper legs, shoulders, back, or those I mentioned before. I think I've idealized even my fantasies. It's no wonder I'm so alone

    Looking back at some of your other posts, I think you have the weights of the wrestlers switched (although even then John is 10 lbs lighter)

    1. The weights don't sound right to me either, but I went with the weights announced at the beginning of the match. I do like it when weights (and heights) are announced before a match begins, even if at times they are ridiculously inaccurate. Even fake weigh-ins are better than none at all, but if I ruled the wrestling world wrestlers' physical stats would be exact and precise and updated for each and every match.

  4. I think were both remembering the long ago days when every wrestler was announced with his weight and place of origin. Even then I wish that they were as consistent about heights. Those were usually only noted when the height was exceptional, tall or short. I always wanted to get a comparative scale clear in my mind. Watching guys on the small screens could mess up the sense of distortion. I'd also have strict standards of accuracy


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