All Choked Up

Maybe you have heard me say that I don't like wrestling videos that pinpoint one move or hold--like gut-punching, scissors, or figure-fours--over and over again, ad nauseam, no matter how much I love the particular hold. Here's an instance where I might make an exception: choking. And it looks like the nonpareil of the all-choking video already exists: BG East's Choke Outs 1, featuring the inimitable Kid Vicious and Seth Seton, who, as far as I can tell, has not been seen or heard from since his debut. (If indeed Seth has gone missing, I'm afraid the shots above could be incriminating evidence.) Five years later, there is no sequel, and one reason may be that it would be difficult to top the original.

Oddly enough, I have not yet seen this match, but the still shots (available at The Arena @BGEast) hold me in their spell. Kid V and Seth fight in the ring, on the mat, and, ultimately, on the bed (buck naked, if bucks wear wrestling shoes). Vicious, the master of erotic menace, puts Seth's adam's apple through the ringer with a series of choke-outs. He utilizes hands, ropes, arms, legs, and crotch to leave the rookie literally breathless. The match climaxes with a final nude sleeper hold. Evidently, the rounds consist of other tactics, too, but a snarling Kid Vicious succeeds in keeping the focus tight on choking.

Kid Vicious, with his punk, boot-boy attitude, is one of BG East's best heels: six feet of lean, ice-cold muscle and the killingest cheekbones and jawline in the business*. He could sport a pair of arced fangs too and still be irresistible. All in all, some guys are worth playing the victim for. Seth looks like he sells his victimization the whole way. Some shots show his teeth gritted in torment; others show his face falling slack and numb, overwhelmed by Vicious's relentless and enfolding assault. The more explicit nude shots (not shown here) raise heat.

Whether or not the allure of choking is masturbatory (erotic asphyxiation or, metaphorically, "choking the chicken"), it combines sensuality and a sense of peril. As I have asserted elsewhere, choking requires physical closeness and unflagging diligence that other forms of violence (and pretend-violence) do not. By comparison, even a good old-fashioned John Wayne slug to the chin is too quick and sudden to match it for erotic heat (though, admittedly, extended pummeling can mimic the rhythm and impact of a long, savage fuck). But choking entwines assailant and victim in a long, sweaty struggle, fingers clutching bulging veins, taking minutes of skin-on-skin maneuvering before at last shutting the opponent down over ten or so heated seconds.

A good choke requires closeness and concentration. To defeat somebody with a choke means you want your victim not only to know exactly who's responsible for his downfall but also to experience the creeping drain of his ability to resist and the fading of consciousness as his body slumps against yours. It's the ultimate symbol of mastery in eroto-violent fantasy.

* Vicious has already victimized some of BG East's best: Alexi Adamov, Jarret Cole, Patrick Donovan, Len Harder, Billy Lodi, Cameron Matthews, Justin Pierce, Rob Sherborne, Steven Thomas, and too many more to name. But if I might suggest future sacrifices to this man's insatiable lust for domination and humiliation, here are some recommendations: Ethan Axel Andrews, Gil Barrios, Austin Cooper, Lon Dumont, Jake Lowe, Aryx Quinn, Zach Reno, Gabriel Ross, Pete Sharp, Kip Sorell, and, most definitely, Z-Man.


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