Got Eleven Minutes?

Minus peripherals like the seduction and the removal of clothes, the actual act of sex takes about eleven minutes, or so says Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho. According to a 2010 Wall Street Journal article, the average NFL game lasts three hours and twelve minutes, during which the ball is actually in play for only eleven minutes. Coincidentally, eleven minutes is the length of Krush's (second) battle with Pedro. Krushco's recent download packs the action tight--the two wrestlers, that is, packed tight into singlets and packed tight on top of and around each other--from start to finish. It's a two-fall-out-of-three match that wastes no time on peripherals. 

Pedro is two handfuls for Krush, but Krush likes it that way, as any good wrestler would. The match goes the full three rounds, which are as spare as can be: nothing but squeeze and twist with the occasional hot-tempered rib jab and head butt. I might wish for better lighting and higher definition detail, but no complaints about how these guys fill out eleven minutes. For the same amount of time, you could clean out your inbox, brew a cup of tea, change the sheets, or jog for a mile. But I think Krush and Pedro have the right idea. (Paulo, too, but who has time for seduction?)


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