Hots for Josh

I was hooked on Josh Steel the first time I saw him in the summer of 2012. Some of you knew him earlier by another name from another site, but for me the obsession sprang out of nowhere when the longhaired surfer stepped into the ring against the considerably better prepared Ethan Andrews. I can tell you what did it for me--his surfer/skateboarder persona (I find the combination of scruffy and athletic irresistible), his knack for being no more than a half-second away from a full-on O-face at any moment, the fact that he is sexy and mean in equal measures, usually at the same time, the way his trunks fit, snug against his shapely midsection, yet always insinuating how easily they might pull off.

He's grown up now, cut his hair, added thirty pounds of muscle to his bod, developed his ring skills to the extent that now he poses a threat to anyone who steps through the ropes to face him. (Interestingly, and perhaps not by accident, Josh chose Ethan to debut his new bod against, earlier this year.) In Rock Hard Wrestling's latest release, it's newby Matt Engel's misfortune to get caught in Josh's sights right at a time when Steel is in seek-and-destroy mode. Things will not go easy for young Matt; Josh will make sure of that.

The opener gives us Matt mocking Josh for doing his pre-match stretches to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." Happily, this setup is not overelaborated. The two "pumped up" opponents can't wait to get their hands on each other. They get right to it, with Josh stomping Matt to the mat, a wordless declaration of his newfound alpha status. If by chance Matt missed the message, Josh hurls him into the corner for some head butts and an adam's apple grind against the top rope, closely followed with a knee-hobbling against the bottom rope. Whether or not Josh recognizes in Matt's snarky attitude a mirror image of himself a couple of years ago, he is having none of it today, and he seems to enjoy (perhaps a tad too much, even) demolishing the rookie for it.

So overwhelming is Josh's assault that it takes young Matt six minutes to remember that he's supposed to fight back. But when he does, he shows some fire of his own, and it's great to see him smack Josh down and show him some resistance. Both men take their licks like pros and show no hesitation at all in giving their opponent a good thrashing. In size and weight, the two are closely matched, and though Josh's lust for cruelty appears to give him a decided advantage, don't be too quick to rule out Matt.


  1. What is the other name and other site we can find Josh Steel at?

  2. Cool, nice to know he plays for our team. :) BG East should sign him!

  3. This was a hot match for sure Joe - not because they are the best wrestlers around, but because they sold it well and looked glorious in the process!

    Loved Josh Steel from the start when he was a shaggy surfer dude, but like the beefier side too. And Matt Engel's second appearance shows considerable improvement and watchability throughout this thoroughly decent squash beatdown. Great 'hotties' match. Thanks RHW


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