Progress Report

Over the weekend Blake Arledge published a small set of photos taken from a seated position at ringside at Friday's Southern Wrestling Association show in Forest City, North Carolina. The occasion was the fourteenth annual Bud Rhymer Cup, a convocation of sixteen great tag teams from across the country, but of particular interest to me are these six shots updating the impressive physical progress of two wrestlers, long favorites of this blog (and stars of my first live wrestling show back in 2011) and too long absent from these pages: Stoney Hooker and Alex Avgerinos. The boys have manned up nicely and look ready to stir up some serious trouble.


  1. Shades of a growing-up Cameron Mathews!
    Now both these guys are certainly coming into their own … filling out well as young men and great wrestling physiques!
    Thanks to Joe for posting these and to Blake for sharing them…


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