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I was not the first in line, but I would bet I was among the first hundred fans of UCW-Wrestling. Watching it over the years, I have watched its popularity increase and its technical quality advance. I have seen its hits and its misses, its frustrations (from website glitches to no-show wrestlers) and its triumphs (the multi-promotional popularity of its first bonafide star, Axel, and the best Easter-themed wrestling match so far known to man: Axel vs Johnny Deep, last year). So far it's been a terrific ride, bumps and all. 

The new faces (and heels) showing up on the UCW doorstep have been instrumental to the company's constant revitalization. One of the recent recruits to catch my eye has been Hiro, well built, quick to catch on, a diligent student of the UCW wrestling style. So now in video #346, it's Hiro's turn to break in a newcomer, the mohawked and intriguingly named Dakota Bravo. 

Hiro introduces himself with a very formal ojigi, a low Japanese bow. Dakota replies by slamming his palms to the mat and grunting like an orangutan. Dakota has the weight advantage, and he clearly intends to use it to his advantage, taking command as soon as the bell sounds. Hiro presses his foot to the bare concrete-block wall to propel himself against Dakota, but gravity and Dakota's body mass are irresistible forces working against Hiro, and he soon finds himself buried under the new man's bulk. But Hiro, reticent yet calculating, has more muscle and a slight edge in experience in UCW-style low blows and cheap shots. 

For all the differences, this is a very even matchup, with Dakota often gaining a slight advantage mostly because he fires up so quickly. At any given moment, though, either guy is within seconds of making his opponent his bitch. Though this match features fewer ball grabs and gut punches than usual (which is NOT to say none), it upholds the company's reputation for malicious, close to ruinous assaults. Look for headlocks, chokes, wrist locks, leg locks, arm bars, punches, kicks, stomps, stretches, gear pulling, ear pulling, hair pulling, eye gouging, and nice long stretches of body riding, arms and legs almost inextricably bound.


  1. viewed the match between axel and dakota and couldn't resist seeing this dude in action again. hiro is ripped and confident as he steps into the ring with this newbie to continue educating him to ucw. hiro gets in some gut punches and applies some solid holds but dakota surprising reverses a number of the more skilled opponents holds in mid stream. his strength tests hiro and at one point he applies a choke hold and merciously slaps hiro in the face taunting him as he chokes. great action. worth the buy.


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