Dog Eat Dog

If you haven't been keeping up with all the hijinks over at UCW-Wrestling this past week or so, this post will contain some spoilers. Things are changing fast in UCW-land. The key thing about this 31-minute match [#345]--that it's a hot, fast, funny, and brutal fight to the finish between a supercharged Eli Black and promising (and already accomplished) newcomer Hunter Day--is no spoiler. The two look well matched in size and weight (there's even talk of a Black-Day tag partnership to face off against Johnny Deep and a yet-to-be announced ally), though clearly Eli is the man here, more muscle, more moves, and more meanness than perhaps anybody else on the UCW roster.

Here come the spoilers. This is a championship match necessitated by UCW's 24/7 edict on titles. This means that twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, scheduled match or not, anybody who gets a three-count pinfall, knockout, or submission over the reigning champ is now the new champ. Eli is UCW's champ. He stole the belt off newcomer Hunter virtually minutes after Hunter sneak-attacked Nick Diesel, who had just won the belt by reasonably fair-and-square means off Michael Hannigan. BodySlam promised Hunter a chance to fight Eli to get the belt back. Hunter can't wait to get his hands on Eli and back on the shiny new belt. BodySlam himself wears the zebra shirt to ref this challenge because, frankly, nobody else in the company can be trusted to be fair and impartial at this point in the title's history.

Eli's championship might mean stability for the title. I suspect that if Hunter succeeds in this challenge, he could be a sitting duck for anybody with ambition and, given his inexperience, easy pickings, too. Let's face it, the UCW crew have loads of ambition, and very few scruples and no sense of fair play. Unlike Hunter, Eli is a tested performer with the kind of ruthless guile that suits him for the top spot--at UCW or, I suspect, on Game of Thrones. But with 24/7 in effect, any moment somebody could still hit him from behind, pin him or otherwise kick the crap out of him, by fair means or foul, and become the next champion. 

Black? Or Day? Either way, I can almost hear Quinn Harper and Axel sharpening their knives in the background.


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