Gazebo Grapplers 16, Part 1

Maybe you already know I'm turned on by the idea of brother fighting brother. An only child, I grew up thinking sibling rivalry sounded fun, so for a large portion of my youth I felt deprived of an essential life experience. As I got older, I broadened the scope of my kink to include adversaries closely linked to each other, though not necessarily by blood. My ears pricked up when my local TV wrestling show featured a battle between two ex-teammates on the outs, or two black wrestlers, or two Russian wrestlers, or two bodybuilders, or two wrestlers the same age, old or young, any pairing of two of a kind. I don't know why this is, unless maybe it really does have something to do with being an only child.

BG East's recently released Gazebo Grapplers 16 opens with a like-versus-like match, two ginger-haired wrestlers who could pass for brothers. Kid Karisma and Blaine Janus are two BGE stars I like. I'm more familiar with Karisma, but I like the matches I've seen with Janus, too. Square two wrestlers I'm fond of against each other, and the skin prickles. If there's a pointed likeness between the two, all the more. Blaine and Kid K exchange taunts that emphasize their similarities. "You're almost as pretty as me," Janus says. When Janus claims to be "blond," Karisma replies, "Yeah, sure," telling him that it's a bad idea for gingers to wear orange (the color of Blaine's trunks). 

Janus is taller, but Karisma is heavier and more muscular. I'm expecting a routine squash job, perhaps temporarily forgetting how well Blaine has fended against Austin Raines and CJ Parker, once taking on Eddy Rey and Kieran Dunne together. He may not always triumph, but he never rolls over and plays dead. Win or lose, Janus is good for a fight. So, needless to say, is Kid K, who consistently wows me with his characteristic blend of rage, fun, and erotic heat.

Sexed-up combat is a distinctive feature of the Gazebo Grapplers series (surprisingly, this is K's first match in the series, but it's Blaine's fourth). Both wrestlers are good for playful, sexy fighting, so up against each other, it's natural that they should be so very up against each other. Karisma presses his zippered crotch to Janus's face and asks, "Like that?"  "I kinda do, actually," Blaine replies, all smiles. Karisma predicts that his dick in Janus's face is going to be a running theme in this match. And it is. 

But it's not as simple as that. I can think of only a few wrestlers who have posed as aggressive a challenge to Kid K's alpha dominance as Blaine Janus. Dev Michaels, definitely. Jonny Firestorm, indubitably. Mike Martin, too. But I can think of nobody who looks like he's having this much fun both in giving Kid hell and in getting his ass whupped by him.

Probably best not even to try keeping your pants on for this steamy battle. The climactic bearhug liplock is the kind of thing you see at BG East and nowhere else. And this is just the kickoff to what should rightfully be the bestselling number of Gazebo Grapplers to date.

To be continued ...


  1. I believe one masked master Cage Thunder thoroughly dominated the Kid in his debut....

    1. Right you are, Mister Thunder. And I apologize for the grievous oversight, sir.

    2. I'll let it slide...this time.


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