Never Die Stupidly

In the most recent episode of Vikings ("Boneless"), the series gave me what I prayed to the dark gods for: a shirtless battle between Rollo (Clive Standen) and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig). The only thing I would like better is to see them wrestle (Viking-style is called Glima), the winner taking on Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), brother and father of Rollo and Bjorn, respectively. A quick one-on-one with broadswords is, however, better than nothing.

For my tastes, Vikings delivers the most wrestlable beef on primetime drama (no offense intended to you Arrow and Teen Wolf fans). It is one of four shows I'm willing to spend the $3 a week on Amazon Instant Video to keep up with the current season's episodes. (The other three are Cosmos, The Americans, and Hannibal. I watch Game of Thrones and Veep on HBO at a friend's place.) The sparring match was by no means the most dramatic event on last Thursday's show--which packed in childbirth and betrayal, along with its continuing compare-contrast of early medieval Christianity and Norse paganism.

Long-haired, hairy-chested Rollo (with the too perfect teeth, however)

Now for some nephew-uncle action

Bjorn gets his fight face ready

Okay ...  ready!

Bjorn gives the waistband an upward tug (translate as "I mean business")

I'm still rooting for Rollo

Splashing water's always a plus!

Uncle draws blood and nephew gets pissed off

Rollo triumphant

Vikings play rough

"Always remember to finish off your opponent, if you can. No man ever ran off with his entrails hanging to his knees and his head cut off."

I'm thinking about which one to finish first.


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